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Night Key Drop

At Pilgrim's we understand that life happens and sometimes vehicle maintenance feels out of our control. We're here to help you! We offer an after-hours drop off option that allows you the flexibility you need to get the service you deserve from the mechanic you can trust.

Make Your Appointment

Call the guys at Pilgrim's to schedule an appointment, and simply mention you'll use the key drop.

Park Your Car Out Back

3AM or 3PM, arrive at the shop and find parking in the back lot.

Remember to lock your car and leave your registration and insurance information inside!

Take Envelope and Pen from Mailbox

Once you're ready, take your keys and head to the office door. Grab an envelope and the pen and write your name, phone number, and appointment details.

Drop Your Keys in the Door!

Seal your envelope and drop the keys in the mail slot in the front door and you're done!

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